Make It or Break It Fashion
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Make It or Break It Fashion

Television shows can make great fashion viewing whilst providing entertainment at the same time. This article explores how the main characters; Lauren Tanner, Kaylie Cruz, Payson Keeler and Emily Kmetko dress on the television series Make it or break it. Read on for a guide to each of their styles and also some pictures.

Make it or break it is a television drama series about a group of teenagers that hope to compete at the Olympics in gymnastics. The show follows them as they put their blood sweat and tears into training at an elite level. It also follows their lives as teenagers coping with things like friendship, relationships and a myriad of other teenage issues.

Make it or break it isn’t a television series well known for its fashion and costumes, like some other shows, such as Gossip Girl, but it still provides lots of interesting imagery in the style stakes. In one episode the characters even participate in a fashion show. Those interested in leotard design are also likely to find the show a great source of inspiration.

Let’s take a look at how some of the main characters dress:

Lauren Tanner

Lauren tanner is the Make it or break it character that is most into fashion and beauty. She has been shown on the show talking about fashion and having a love of pretty and expensive clothes. She tends to personify a sexy appearance, often wearing short hemlines and high heels when not training. This is reflective of the way her character seeks attention, especially from boys due to the sense of loss she feels at not having a two parent family. When competing she expresses herself through the use of decorative leotards, makeup and often elaborate hairstyles. See the picture below as an example.

Screen shot from the show.

Kaylie Cruz

Kaylie Cruz provides good inspiration for the girly girl. She regularly wears leotards with Pink on them. She also often wears sweat suits or gym separates with pink on them. See the picture below. Off duty she often wears feminine tops with denim separates and for events often channels a 1950s look with a dress that has a fitted bust and waist and full skirt. See the picture far below with Emily Kmetko.

Screen shot from the show.

Payson Keeler

Payson Keeler is an ultra-determined character who is most focused on her performance as a gymnast. However after accident changes things she does take more of an interest in how appearance affects things. Initially she wears ultra-practical clothes even when she isn’t training like simple jeans and T-shirts. Later she explores her femininity and wears some very pretty looks. See the two pictures below as a comparison.

Screen shots from the show.

Emily Kmetko

Emily doesn’t come from as much of a privileged background as her fellow gymnasts. She lives with her single parent mother and disabled brother and they struggle to make ends meet.  So like Payson day to day she wears very practical clothes, but she too also has the odd Cinderella moment. See the picture of her (in the center) below.


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Comments (4)

You have received my confirmation for a well done article and I certainly highly recommend your contents and presentation. thank you.

Enjoyed this one!  Nice viewing the fashion and hairstyles via the images you incorporated in your article.  Some good and some not so good.  Thanks for posting here... 

Very keen observations. Well done!

I have not seen this tv show! Good descriptions. The photos are not working but it could be my computer or a glitch today.