The Vampire Diaries Fashion: Caroline Forbes Style
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The Vampire Diaries Fashion: Caroline Forbes Style

Caroline Forbes is one of the main characters on The Vampire Diaries series. If you have seen this show, you might have noticed how Caroline dresses. Even if you havenÂ’t seen the show, but are interested in fashion you might find this piece interesting. This article explores her style and looks at how to look like Caroline Forbes.

The Vampire Diaries is a popular high school drama about a small town that is not only inhabited by humans, but vampires, werewolves and witches. Caroline Forbes, played by Candice Accola, is a popular high school student and head cheerleader on the surface, but underneath she is dealing with several darker issues. Her style mostly continues to reflect the positive exterior though. Overall it is feminine and girly. If you like this look there are many ways to pull it off. Let’s take a look at some of Caroline’s key style choices.

Key Caroline Forbes looks:

Check mini skirts

Caroline Forbes has been shown in more than one check mini skirt. Although it isn’t part of a school uniform, the look has that sexy schoolgirl appearance, a bit like Britney Spears in her Baby one more time film clip. See the still from an episode below. Look for a check skirt that suits you, or try other schoolgirl elements that create a sexy feel like knee high socks.

Piggy tails or two Ponytails

As shown in the above picture and on other occasions, Caroline wears her hair in two ponytails or piggy tails. This is also a look we often associate with schoolgirls. However the styling is a little more grown up and sexy and can therefore be pulled off by women outside their teen years with the right confidence. Try slightly disheveled styles with curled ends, or messy braids with a little hair around the face.

Curled hair

Caroline often wears her hair curled which goes well with her girly personality. To copy this look try curling your hair away from the face, from the eye down.


Early in the first season of The Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes wears several scarves. Without spoiling it for those who are yet to watch the series, the scarves are worn for a practical purpose, but they provide some great inspiration on how to wear a scarf. In one episode Caroline wears a scarf secured at the neck with a flower. See the picture below. This is an easy to copy look that creates a different appearance.

Electric colors

Caroline often wears sunny electric colors like; electric blue, hot pink and purple. It is a nice idea to have a few sunny colored pieces in your wardrobe, because they can be mood uplifting and make an outfit stand out.

Soft colors

At other times you will notice that Caroline wears lots of soft color combinations like white, beige, and soft yellow. Although her looks get a bit edgier as her life takes a turn down a more sinister path, throughout the three seasons of The Vampire Diaries, her look hasn’t gotten really dark like characters on some of the other teen fantasy shows like The Secret Circle and older shows like Buffy the Vampire slayer and Angel

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Comments (8)

My youngest daughters (12- 15 -16 years old) likes to dress in this style and scarves are a big thing with them and to think I couldn't get them to go near a scarf a year ago..voted

Hi Francine, yes it's funny how styles come and go in popularity, especially in the youth age group. Thanks for the vote!

Very very nice article Kimberly...

Very well done and congratulations on your award.

Great, interesting and enjoyable read. Thanks Kimberley

Nice analysis

Thanks everyone, really appreciate the compliments!

Really sweet style, Kimberly. FB liked.